Voters Pamphlet Statements show Oregonians support Measure 101

Statements from 54 individuals and organizations in the January Special Election Voters Pamphlet show Measure 101 is essential to protect healthcare in Oregon

Today the Voters Pamphlet Statements for Measure 101 were published on the Oregon Secretary of State’s website. There were 54 statements of support for Measure 101 in the Voters Pamphlet, nearly twice the number the opponents submitted. Oregonians from across the state spoke out in support of Measure 101 which protects health care for low-income and vulnerable Oregonians and brings stability to insurance premiums.

Statements came from individuals who count on Medicaid for themselves or their children, and from the people who provide that care, including Nurse Holly Herrera. She joined dozens of other health care providers in standing up for Medicaid in our state.

“Oregonians with health insurance do not delay seeking help when they are sick. They have primary care providers, get regular check ups and timely preventive care, like immunizations and cancer screenings. They can take care of their basic health and avoid going to the ER, saving costs for themselves and other taxpayers.”

Grandfather Don Forness of Wilsonville told a powerful personal story in his statement:

“When my granddaughter had her first child in July, the baby wasn’t covered by her health insurance policy. There were complications after the birth, and her newborn had to return to the hospital for treatment. Thank goodness my great-granddaughter qualified for the Oregon Health Plan. Today, she is healthy and home with her family because she got the care she needed, when she needed it.”

With about two months until the January 23, 2017 election day, more than 90 organizations have endorsed Measure 101 because everyone deserves healthcare coverage, and Measure 101 is an important step to make healthcare affordable and accessible to every Oregonians, including 400,000 children.

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